How to choose air compressor for Hypertherm CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machine chooses different working gases according to different cutting materials, of which air plasma cutting is the most widely used. Here is the need for users in the use of plasma cutting machine when supporting air compressor, then the choice of air compressor we need to know what?

CNC plasma cutting machine has improved the cutting speed and cutting range compared with flame cutting, and plasma cutting technology has matured since 2010 to 2012. More and more users choose plasma cutting mode in the market. Compared with traditional cutting mode, plasma cutting has high efficiency. The advantages of high precision and stability, especially suitable for mass production and high precision cutting requirements, in addition, from the cost point of view, because of the removal of cutting gas costs, plasma cutting relative cost is more economical, especially when used in mass production, its processing cost control will be more obvious.

What are the requirements for air pressure when numerically controlled plasma cutting machines use air as working gas? How should we match correctly?

In general, when the working pressure is lower than the pressure required by the equipment, the input air flow rate of the air compressor is smaller than the prescribed value. At this time, the plasma arc ejection speed will be weakened, thus unable to form a high-energy, high-speed plasma arc, resulting in poor quality of the incision, cut impermeability, incision tumors. Elephants.

From the point of view of the air compressor, the main reason for the insufficient air pressure lies in the insufficient input air. In addition, the piston may be too low pressure adjustment of the air control valve of the cutting machine, oil stain in the solenoid valve, and the air passage is not smooth. Suggest that users know their own processing requirements, including cutting material, cutting thickness and cutting time, through the above-mentioned factors comprehensive selection of suitable air compressor, when the CNC plasma cutting machine air compressor can not meet the cutting requirements, we can clearly see from the air compressor output pressure display; in addition, before use, check the input gas. Pressure should check whether the adjustment of the air filtration pressure reducing valve is correct, and whether the gauge pressure can meet the cutting requirements. Otherwise, the air filter pressure reducing valve should be maintained daily to ensure that the air is dry and free of grease.



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