How to operate plasma cutting machine correctly

The use of numerical control plasma cutting machine is very important, if used improperly, or the operation is not standardized, it is easy to cause damage to numerical control plasma cutting machine, so the use of numerical control plasma cutting machine is very important.

(1) AUTOCAD drawing of NC plasma cutting machine or documents converted directly into DXF format by existing SolidWorks;

(2) The DXF format of part drawings of NC plasma cutting machine is imported into FastCAM nesting conversion program, which saves money and is convenient to call and manage the program, and the name of the program is part drawing number.

(3) CNC plasma cutting machine will be transformed into a very good program to be copied into the U cabinet control cabinet.

(4) according to the selected program, the material and thickness of NC plasma cutting machine's process parameters are set.

(5) adjusting the position of the torch plate, cutting the starting process of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

(6) CNC plasma cutting machine operates to cut and clean residue.



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