The advantages of table CNC plasma cutting machine compared with hand-held machine

The development of plasma cutting machine has gone through the process from hand-held cutting to machine-used cutting. At present, there are still a certain number of enterprises and users in the two kinds of plasma cutting methods. But from the perspective of future market development, machine-used numerical control plasma cutting machine is bound to replace manual cutting method. Now we simply understand the two types of cutting. Characteristics of ion cutting mode:

1. Cutting quality

Machine plasma power supply and CNC cutting machine cooperation, because it is by the CNC system to achieve cutting procedures, so the hand-held plasma power cutting to be relatively stable, of course, the cutting effect is relatively good. The stability of hand-held plasma power supply is not so high because it is operated directly by hand, so the cutting effect is uncertain.

2, economic value

Because of its high technical content and high research and development cost, the market value of the machine-used plasma power supply is much higher than that of the hand-held plasma power supply.

3. Cutting efficiency

Because it is used with numerical control plasma cutting machine, so its cutting speed is faster than hand-held plasma power supply; hand-held plasma power because it is manual operation cutting, so cutting efficiency is far less than machine-used plasma power supply, can be targeted at a small number of sheet metal cutting.

4, practical performance

Because of its high cost and relative stability, the plasma machine power supply is suitable for customers with large cutting volume and high cutting accuracy requirements; while the hand-held plasma power supply is suitable for customers with small cutting volume and higher cutting accuracy requirements because of its low price and convenient operation.



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