Importance of cutting torch height control in CNC plasma cutting machine

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The CNC plasma cutting machine uses the high speed airflow which the high temperature spurs to ionize, forms the electric conductor. When the current passes, the conducting gas forms a high-temperature plasma arc, and then uses the heat of the arc and the high-speed plasma flow to complete the cutting process. In the actual operation of cutting, besides the stability of plasma arc, the speed of NC plasma cutting machine and the precision of NC cutting machine, the biggest influence factor is the control and adjustment of the nozzle height of the cutting gun of NC plasma cutting machine.

Cutting torch height refers to the distance between the nozzle face and the cutting surface. Under normal circumstances, we usually use cutting torch height control to adjust slotting accuracy. In the cutting process, the height of the torch is a part of the plasma arc length, arc length will affect the cutting slot. Because the numerical control plasma cutting machine generally uses the power supply with the characteristics of cross-flow or steep drop, once the nozzle height becomes high and the current is almost unchanged, the arc length will increase, and then increase the arc voltage, and ultimately improve the arc power, and at the same time the arc length exposed to the outside will increase, the loss of energy of arc column. Increase in quantity, and then cutting, cutting jet blowing force will be weakened, cutting capacity will be reduced a lot, cutting will be developed after the bottom of the incision will have a lot of residue, the upper edge of the melting time will appear rounded corner. And in the process of cutting, the jet diameter expands outward after leaving the muzzle, the increase of the height of the torch nozzle is bound to increase the width of the incision, and ultimately affect the cutting speed and cutting quality.

In order to avoid the above problems, control the cutting torch height of CNC plasma cutting machine, try to choose a small nozzle height, this can not only improve the cutting speed but also ensure the finished product quality, but avoid the nozzle height can not be too low, otherwise there will be double fox phenomenon. Ceramic nozzles can also be selected. The greatest advantage of using this kind of nozzle is that the nozzle end face directly contacts the cutting surface, without controlling the height, and the quality of the cut product is very good.



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