Digital control plasma cutting machine running in the process of jitter solution

When the CNC plasma cutting machine is cutting under water, it may be jittery. The problem of one-going one-stopping. The guiding gap and the transmission gap are not adjusted properly, so how to adjust? The following is the solution:

1. Guiding gap adjustment of CNC plasma cutting machine

Guide gap refers to the gap between the two guide rollers and the two guide sides of the front rail. There are guiding gaps between the horizontal sliding frame (or cutting torch carriage) and the horizontal front rail (or beam) and the guiding gap between the longitudinal sliding frame and the longitudinal front rail. If the guide gap is too large, it will affect the perpendicularity and movement accuracy of the X and Y directions. Gently turn the guide rollers on both sides of the front guide rail by hand to feel the size of the guide gap. In each pair of guide wheels, the inner guide wheel is installed in an eccentric shaft mode, and there is an adjustable shaft extension end above it.

Rotate the eccentric shaft to adjust the guide gap. When adjusting, do not press the guide roller too tightly to the side of the rail. Generally, gently rotate the eccentric shaft. When you feel the guide roller is pressed to the side of the rail, reverse the angle to make it have a small gap. , And then lock the eccentric shaft. The longitudinal carriage has two pairs of guide wheels for the longitudinal front guide rail, so there are also two adjustment eccentric shafts. The guiding structure of the horizontal sliding frame to the horizontal front rail is similar to the guiding structure of the vertical sliding frame to the vertical front rail, and the adjustment method is also the same.

2. Adjustment of transmission gap of CNC plasma cutting machine

The movement of the CNC plasma cutting machine in the X and Y directions is realized by a stepper motor/servo motor through a gear and rack and pinion transmission. The rack is fixed on the longitudinal front rail and the horizontal front rail respectively. The stepper used by the CNC plasma cutting machine The operating characteristic of the motor is that every time the computer gives a control pulse, the stepper motor takes one step, the pulse frequency is high, the walking is fast, the pulse frequency is low, and the walking is slow.

The step-by-step operation of the stepper motor requires that the transmission system cannot have a gap, otherwise it will produce serious noise or even lose steps, which is completely different from the conventional transmission system requiring proper transmission gap. Whether the transmission system has a large gap can be judged from the running noise. The transmission gap should be adjusted once after using the CNC plasma cutting machine for a period of time.

The small gear in the transmission box is firmly connected with the output shaft of the stepping motor, and the warp beam of the large gear is positioned on the transmission box. Therefore, the adjustment of the gear transmission gap in the transmission box can loosen the fixing of the stepping motor to the transmission box, and then tighten the stepping motor and the small gear together in the direction of the big gear. When adjusting, the purpose is to eliminate the gap, but the gear and the gear should not be too tight.

The transmission box of the CNC plasma cutting machine is respectively fixed with the horizontal sliding frame and the longitudinal sliding frame. To adjust the gap between the gear and the rack, loosen the fixing bolts of the transmission box on the sliding frame, and then tighten the entire transmission box against the rack. Similarly, when adjusting the CNC plasma cutting machine for the purpose of eliminating the gap, the gear and rack should not be too tight.



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